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Our services

Our engineers are highly qualified to provide you with the best possible techniques on the market. They know how to comply with the standards that are governed in the aeronautics industry. We will offer you exemplary quality !

Our surface treatment services


Super finish


Non-destructive testing


Chemical ETCH


Nital ETCH inspection


Stress relieve


Shot Peen




Thermal spraying


Grinding of CR & HVOF


Sulfamate Nickel Plate


Chrome plating


Cadmium plating


Titanium cadmium plate


Zinc Nickel plate


Electroless Nickel plate

PR et PT



Solid film lube




Bushing installation

Non-destructive testing

We use a set of methods that detect defects on metal surfaces as well as non-porous materials. This process is done either during production, during use, or as part of maintenance.

Stress relieve

Whether for tempering, relaxation or post-plating firing needs, we have a selection of ovens that can reach temperatures of 1000°F to treat your parts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Shot Peen

Critical components of airplanes and helicopters are shot peened under preload to prevent the initiation and propagation of cracks. This process makes it possible to induce compressive stresses which will stabilize the part and increase its life.

Chrome plating

Chrome plating treatment is an operation by which a layer of decorative chrome or hard chrome is applied to the aircraft part. Hard chrome plating is more commonly used in severe friction conditions. Decorative chrome plating is used to create a shiny appearance or trivalent chrome according to ROHS standards.

Thermal Spraying (HVOF)

Thermal spraying is a surface treatment that uses dry matter. It involves spraying HVOF-JET KOTE® III, a powdery substance (HVOF), at high temperature on a part in order to form a coating. There are five different distances (100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 mm) from which the coating can be applied.

Sulfamate Nickel Plate

Nickel plating is used to deposit nickel by a remoue electrolytic process. It will improve and perfect the mechanical qualities in order to protect the part from corrosion or even improve its aesthetics.

Electroless Nickel Plate

Electroless Nickel Plating used to ensure uniform deposition using an autocatalytic chemical process. It is suitable for use on complex parts. It has the advantages of protection against corrosion, resistance to friction, resistance to wear, and microhardness.

Cadmium plating

Cadmium plating is a treatment which consists in depositing a plating of cadmium metal on a steel or oxidizable metal part. It improves the resistance of parts and reduces corrosion. For steel, cadmium can be deposited directly on the metal, but for stainless steel, nickel plating must be used before this treatment is applied.

Titanium Cadmium plating

Titanium Cadmium platinguses the same process as cadmium plating but is for aluminum and titanium surfaces. It improves the resistance of parts and reduces corrosion.


Zinc-nickel is used to leave a metallic deposit of an alloy of zinc and nickel. The advantage is that the part will be protected to prevent degradation of the metal that has been coated by corrosion. This process is an environmentally acceptable solution for the gradual replacement of cadmium.

Nital ETCH

Nital ETCH is a process which is also called deoxidation. This involves immersing the part in the solution to remove a layer of aluminum oxide. This treatment is used to obtain a surface which will be reactive and homogeneous.


Passivation is a treatment used to quickly create a protective oxide layer on a surface. To perform passivation, it is essential to thoroughly clean the part so that it is free from any deposit. We offer several types of passivation each adapted to the surface to be treated.


Grindingconsists of modifying or rectifying the HVOF or the chrome of the parts according to the required measurements of the drawing We are able to grind up to dimensions of 1.5 m (60″) lg x 80 cm (31.5″) dia.


Our team is able to install bushings for low-complexity sub-assemblies. We use various assembly technologies depending on the type of project.


Honingis a treatment performed after assembly. We consider the dimension of the surface and we perform the bore according to your instructions.


We offer parts paintingservices. We use various paints such as epoxy, water-based paint, and solid film lubricant.

Testing and Inspection

All projects that you entrust to us will be subject to ez sont assujettis à destestingandinspection to ensure quality control.


Werepairand restore your parts according to your instructions and specifications in your repair manual Our specialists assess and confirm the work to be done before starting the stripping and restoration operations.


Process analysis. We have the laboratory equipment necessary for the main analyses and tests required for the qualification and monitoring of our processes.


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MAgroup Tecnickrome’s priority is to optimize the quality of its services by listening to customers and continuously improving its business processes, and to do so in a harmonious and rewarding work climate for each of the stakeholders.

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