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Acquisition of Tecnickrome by the SPPCA Group

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Tecnickrome Aéronautique inc. by the SPPCA, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Precision Products, a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

SPPCA (Sumitomo Precision Products Canada Aircraft) is a leader in the design, development, manufacture, and support of landing gear systems and offers its products to Gulfstream, Honda, and Dornier, as well as Level 1 integrators.

They are recognized for the manufacture of the landing gear of the CRJ-70 and CRJ-90, among others.

This adventure will stabilize Tecnickrome strategic position in order to ensure the growth of services offered to the aerospace world.

Tecnickrome will, with its teams in place, continue to improve its performance while adequately meeting the demand required by major clients and their supply chains.

Claude Gagliardi, President and Founder of Tecnickrome Aéronautique inc. declare :

We initiated the vision of integrated surface treatments more than two decades ago, and this transaction will allow us to increase our ability to meet the growing demand of our existing customers and to confirm our position in the international market. SPPCA contribution will increase our capacity to expand the services offered. We are energized by this renewal.

Integrated aerospace finishing services

Integrated aerospace finishing services

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